Do you ship outside the United States?

We now ship worldwide.

Should Canine Immune Formula be given on a daily basis?

Yes, We recommend daily dosage.

Can the daily dosage be spread out during the day instead?

Yes, if your dog can not eat all of the dosage during their first meal of the day, then you can split the dosage over 2 to 3 meals during the day.

What are the ingredients for Canine Immune Formula?

MICRONIZATION™ – There is no point in supplementing your dog if they can’t absorb the supplement with a compromised digestive system. Digestive issues that can wreak havoc on your dog’s immune system such as leaky gut are among several problems. The micronized liquid Canine Immune Formula bypasses the digestive tract to cross the blood brain barrier making our formula far more bioavailable.

PATENT PENDING – Our formula is patent pending using a proprietary blend of:

Transfer Factor using Natural components from cow colostrum and bovine.

AFA ( Aphanizomenon flos-aquae ) AFA activates dog’s own natural killer cells to attack the harmful microorganisms attacking your dog and to boost the immune system, aid in wound healing, helps fight against heart disease and maximizes digestive efficacy.

Natural Citric Acid from Lemon Rind.

QUALITY INGREDIENTS – We source the best ingredients and they are:
– Non-GMO
– Cruelty-Free
– Synthetic-Free
– Whole-Food Sourced
– Made in the USA.

My dog is taking vitamins, does your product create a vitamin excess?

This is primarily a powerful immune support product, and the nutritional base is a much smaller percentage of the whole. In other words, we’re not selling a vitamin supplement here. The low levels of each are there to help those dogs who may be experiencing less than ideal nutritional status, and adding these helps, rather than harms them.

These vitamins and minerals at a low enough level that, even if a dog is on nutritional supplements already, whether given as a pill, powder, of food addition, this formula will never push an animal into an excess or any nutrient.

If your goal is superior immune support, this Canine Immune Formula will outperform anything it’s compared to. That’s been our focus from Day One.

Are the Vitamins Synthetic or Natural in Canine Immune Formula?

All our products are Non-GMO Whole Food Sourced. Our entire product lines do not contain Synthetics.

Can this be used on pregnant dogs?

Absolutely. Canine Immune Formula can be used on pregnant dogs.

My dog has Lyme disease and is near the end of a month long course of doxycycline to treat it. Does your product help with Lyme disease?

Yes, symptomatic or not, we’ve had good feedback on Lyme response using this formula.

My dog currently gets a Vitamin B Complex, digestive enzymes, fish oil, glandular support, and Turmeric. Can any of these be eliminated?

Canine Immune Formula can be used with or without those supplements. Our product supports the immune system compared to those supplements which are seemingly targeted towards nutritional deficiencies. 

Are you coming out with a Cat supplement?

We have the Cat supplements available now in our store.

Do you offer wholesale accounts on the new Canine Immune Complex?

Yes, Please contact us at support for more information.

Are you coming out with a Human version of Canine Immune Formula?

Yes. In the next few months we will be making an announcement about a Human version.