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Keeps my Dogs healthy

Both of my rescue dogs are thriving. Started them on it right after adoption. Between the healthy food and Motherboard they are healthy, active and don't need to see the vet!

RIPCORD Working well

Helping with inflammation in my knees. getting ready to order more.


I am able to sit for hours phone banking and standing up is pain free. Thank You Tammy Williams

Motherboard for Pets

My cat, Arnie is a red rescue cat. When I adopted him he I needed to get him on an immune product as well as a detox product. Venjenz fit for the bill for both and he has flourished on these products! I will never be without as his health has improved tremendously, he is a very happy healthy boy Thank you so much 😻

Love this!

I give this to my puppy for immune support. I wish it still came in the two ounce bottle, as one ounce is not enough and we run out a lot. Overall, a good product and the drops are easy to administer in food.

Sore Muscles

I lift weights 5x a week and starting having soreness in my right lower arm. I am not new to lifting been doing it my whole life and I will be 60 this year. This product has helped reduce some of the inflammation and my arm is not as sore as it use to be.. I've only been taking for about 4 weeks now. Definitely love the results it has given me.


Immune Motherboard

A wonderful product, wouldn’t be without it. Helps my rescue kitty stay healthy.

Detox Venzeo for Pets

Great product worked wonders for my rescue shelter cat, Highly recommend!

Hoping for long term benefits

My 9 yr old Yellow Lab (Gabe) has Lar-Par. I am hoping to resolve the issues I see concerning his hips and rear legs. Hoping also to halt the general progression of the paralysis of his larynx. It is too early to tell if positive things are happening. I will say that Ripcord is very easy to give to him. I put it in a spray bottle and just lift a lip and spray it in! Very efficient too so I don't waste any. I do have high hopes for Ripcord in helping to maintain a good quality of life for Gabe. I would give it 5 stars if I could actually see something positive at this time. Maybe soon...

Awesome! It hit the mark!!

My pup started the ’coughing’ syndrome, I immediately gave him the Venjenz Ripcord. No more issue. I’m impressed and thankful for this product!

Ripcord 3 pack

Abbiemae my Coonhound Mix I believe is thriving on the Ripcord
Best of all the discount on the 3 pack was affordable in my budget.
Thank You Venjenz

Ripcord review

Ripcord is helping me quite a bit with my arthritis and joint pain. I can feel a big difference in my knees when I get up and down. My joints are less inflamed and swollen. I plan to continue taking it and hopefully keep improving.

Cat bite

My dog got a horrible infection from a cat bite and had to go on IV antibiotics, which at 8 she has never had in her life. I am mostly holistic but in this case had to be done or she would have likely died because the bite was to the face. This product was to help detox her from the 20 days on three different antibiotics.

Lyme Disease

I got this product to help my dogs through Lyme Disease, while treating holistically. Traditional antibiotics are not long term reliable to treating Lyme, especially if the immune system is in poor shape. I wanted to make sure it was.

Noticeably more energetic

I started using Motherboard for my 14.5 year old chihuahua in September 2023, in just a month’s worth of use, I noticed that her energy level has increased quite significantly. Very happy with the positive results.

Turned my cat around instantly

My cat was sickly and not eating very much for about a week. I gave her some of this and her appetite went back to normal and her energy went back to normal!

Detox | VENZEO
Catherine D.
Seems to be working

I've been giving my 16lb dog around 7 drops a day. Have a problem getting him to take it but I manage. One thing I've noticed is his eyes no longer run. Other than that I haven't noticed any difference in him.

Easy and healthy

This is an easy add-on supplement to their food, even works for my picky eater. Came with a credentialed recommendation.

Very pleased with results for my girl

Currently using RIPCORD for my 7 month old golden doodle (38lbs) for a very sore front right wrist. Religiously every morning for several weeks. Increased dose for one week and noticed a huge difference. Her limp was very noticeably gone and she’s jumping and bouncing like her old self again. Will continue to use it for another month to ensure healing. Thanks!

Has helped both my dog and cat

I have been using all three products from Venjenz on my elderly dog and middle aged cat since the products launched and it has been amazing to witness the change. My dog who was giving up on life and could hardly stand up can run and jump again, she has brighter eyes and vibrant fur. Her chronic yeast issues are gone and her energy is consistent. My cat had sustained an injury years ago that left her a bit fussy and sedentary but now she's back to being super loving and playing with toys and jumping up on the fridge like she did before the injury. I plan to use these drops for my animals indefinitely. This stuff is the real deal and is well worth the investment. Start slow and low, build up over a few weeks so you don't overwhelm their systems and if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to the Venjenz team. I did at the beginning to learn how to start and then again when my dog still had some yeast issues and both times they were prompt and clear with their advice and when I followed it everything improved as they had predicted. 10/10 My animals are aging in reverse


VenJenz MOTHERBOARD has been helping my 10yr Newfoundland stay healthy & continue on his daily 1 mile walks 3 times per day.

Safe for my maltesepoo. She did not have any problem with it. She is healthy and alert. I highly recommend it.

Not Sure

My 8 year old Pug, Turbo, has been taking MOTHERBOARD for PETS consistently for over a year and I am not sure if it does anything. We have a holistic vet, he has eaten a raw food diet for 7 years, has not been vaccinated in 7 years, drinks filtered water, and does not use any traditional toxic flea or heartworm prevention. All of this, he still gets hot spots.

Helped my dog with colitis

My beautiful male dog who is a King Charles
rescue dog has benefited from this treatment.
He had stool which was loose, jelly like and bloody are now normal and he’s happy. Thank you for this treatment which worked for my boy.