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So far, so good

I am using Dr. Falconer's nosodes for Parvo and Distemper on my new puppies. He also recommends Venjenz' Motherboard for transfer factor and other immune enhancers. My puppies have been going everywhere with us and have been the picture of health. They are also eating a raw, prey model diet. I will be reordering the Motherboard soon. It's hard to prove a negative, why they aren't getting sick, but it sure gives peace of mind. Thank you!

Highly recommend

I’m so relieved that I found a replacement for transfer factor. I needed immunity for my pet and remove toxin exposures. Both products are safe and very effective. Thank you. Please send my regards to Dr Falconer. He is missed. Salli

This stuff is great!

It tastes really good, but I also love all the good things I'm giving my body while taking it. I have been taking supplement capsules for years, and liquid is so much easier to take. I have only been sick once while taking it so far, but only for like 2.5 days. That's a short amount of time even for me.
I also took a bottle of the Venjenz Venzeo, and it was amazing! It tastes like nothing, and shrunk my swollen lymph node under my jaw that I've had since I can remember.

Motherboard is phenomenal!!

Motherboard has been a Godsend for my dog! My rescue lab went through treatment for heartworms that left her with neurological toxicity, resulting in head tremors. Motherboard helped her heal and get rid of the tremors!! I am so grateful for this product and even take it myself!! I highly recommend it to anyone for optimal health!!

Need Seasonal Allergy Relief

So far so good. Both dogs are usually itching & scratching madly @ this point, but they seem to be comfortable so far. Well see in September, when they are usually @ their worst.

Love this product

Easy to take, good flavor. Excellent customer service

Hard to tell if it's working...

Our 5.5-year old shepherd mix was diagnosed with an autoimmune two years ago. We've been treating her with a combination of eastern & western medical approaches. We decided to try Immune Motherboard for Pets based on the good reviews. It's been about a month, and we're not noticing any difference. Compare that to some Chinese herbs our dog was taking last year, which offered visible results after a month's use. Unfortunately, our dog started rejecting some of the herbs after six months, so we've had to change our approach.

Elizabeth E.

My 3 year old dog had severe dermatitis) face, ears, paws, belly) and horrible smelly ear infections. the regular vet products made things worse and contact with them made me sick. I threw out the special dog food for allergies, stopped all vaccines and heartworm and flea and tick so called medicines. and started a very low calorie (she was really inflammed and chubbie) of natural chicken and lots of local fresh veggies and fruits. Her skin got worse at first, then she turned all black, now after 2 months she is almost OK. Smoother looking skin, no bad smell, paws are growing back fur, etc, no belly rash. She is also much much happier and will now let me touch her head.
I have a question: how long should I continue the Motherboard for? I unfortunagtely do not have a homeopathic vet...they all are charging over $300 for a consultation which is way over my budget.

Works wonders

I really love the way it works and I don't need the steroid shots no more

Kidney values better in one month!

My husbands had his kidney values start to go in the wrong direction. He went to see a nephologist who did many tests and during the next scheduled test a month later, his kidney values are so much better and the only change we made was taking Venzeo daily, Thanks for making such a great product!

paw licking

i bought the motherboard to stop my dog from licking his paws all the time. I wanted to get him off the Rx drugs. Sadly it did not help him. But every dog is different

Great protection for dogs who put everything in their mouths.

My 2 small rescue dogs are constantly looking for stuff on the floors, outside everywhere. I see this as protection since I can't stop this behavior. They are doing very well since I started them on Venzio. They still look for stuff but they are healthy and well.

Easy to use

I appreciate that I can use this for my birds too. I won’t know the true value of it until they’ve been on it awhile and I do repeat blood work but I’m looking forward to seeing good results.

Best Immune Support out there!

This is a great product that will help support your immune system, so your body can do the work it was designed to do.

VENJENZ Motherboard

I like how Motherboard is an immune booster for me & my dog

Anti-Inflammatory & Joint Support | RIPCORD for PETS

The Great Awakening: A Call to Cure not Contain - Heath Care, not Sick Care

An expose examining the history of the re-engineering of Western Medicine and what has led to the ‘health care’ (?) we see today, or, our modern ‘sick care’. It does not cure, it simply contains. A recommendation to read, give careful, and act . . .
Knowledge is Power . . .

Excellent product

I will continue to use this! It’s really helping me

Great Product

My wife and I have bad arthritis pain and so far we are getting some relief since taking your product.


This is a product I never want to be without! All of Venjenz products are top notch,

Great Product

Your products seem to be working. I have pain in my joints. It seems to be giving some relief. Also caught a cold but it quickly went away. I am 82 and have a little more energy.

Great Product

Altough One Cannot Exactly See “IF” it IS “Indeed” Working I Notice “Intuitively & Energetically” it IS “Making a Difference!”


Keeps my Dogs healthy

Both of my rescue dogs are thriving. Started them on it right after adoption. Between the healthy food and Motherboard they are healthy, active and don't need to see the vet!

RIPCORD Working well

Helping with inflammation in my knees. getting ready to order more.


I am able to sit for hours phone banking and standing up is pain free. Thank You Tammy Williams