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About Us

Our Story

VENJENZ was inspired by unconditional love. After a critical look at the current “healthcare” system more focused on profits than healing, we embarked on a mission to change human and animal health care. By joining forces with Dr. Will Falconer, DVM, a pioneer in homeopathic veterinary medicine, we've crafted 3 targeted solutions to address the 3 main causes of health issues suffered by people and animals: toxicity, compromised immunity and rampant systemic inflammation.

Choosing VENJENZ means prioritizing purity, potency, and integrity. Our whole-food sourced ingredients are meticulously selected and micronized for 100% bioavailability, ensuring you and your pet receive the full benefits for which you paid. Made in the USA to the highest human standards, VENJENZ is your partner in navigating the toxic world, offering you the solutions to man-made problems. Venjenz isn’t just a company name; it’s a promise. Inspired by love, motivated by VENJENZ.


Our Mission

In order to provide you and your pets the world’s highest quality nutritional formulations we have consulted top experts and formulators in the fields of human and veterinary medicine. Using rare ingredients from the purest sources we incorporated an industry-changing technology called micronization to overcome the obstacle of compromised digestive tracts that outdated powders, pills, and capsules cannot.

VENJENZ transcends the supplement industry by fusing the unmatched natural potency of whole food sourced ingredients with scientific rigor to deliver YOU the results the other companies promised but failed to deliver. We are the 'solution' to the problems created by decades of manipulation, suppression, and greed at the hands of big money interests. We are not like the rest. We are not equal. WE ARE the new standard for you and your pets. We are #VENJENZ. Welcome to the revolution.

Our Vision

Our vision is clear: to shield you and your pets from the modern world's hazards and the shortcomings of a profit-driven health system. VENJENZ empowers you to break free from the 'sick care' system. By sharing decades of knowledge and experience VENJENZ not only offers you solutions to your health issues, but we empower you to be proactive while reclaiming control over your health.

Force Multiplier

Joining forces with renowned HOMEOPATHIC DVM Dr. Will Falconer made Venjenz a force to be reckoned with. Dr. Falconer’s common-sense approach to healthcare destroys the narrative and misinformation fed to us for decades by big money interests more dedicated to shareholder dividends than healthcare.

Will became a friend of ours while still actively practicing as a homeopathic DVM in Austin, Texas. He is one of the first and most well-known homeopathic DVM’s in the country that trained under Dr. Richard Pitcairn.

Will’s interest helped shape the direction of Venjenz as he offered advisement, consulting and an entire career worth of experience and knowledge.

Despite retiring Dr. Falconer remains our good friend, trusted advisor, affiliate, and an outspoken proponent of our fine products.


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