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What You Can Do to Help Your Sick Pet

What You Can Do to Help Your Sick Pet

18th Sep 2020

Skip the diagnosis.

If you take your pet into the Vet, they will typically run a bunch of tests trying to figure out what is wrong.

A common test is to figure out what allergies your pet might have.

You might be told that these allergens are the cause for why your pet is having so many issues. If those were nonexistent, your pet would be in much better shape.

Once you get the results, you simply avoid those allergens. Simple as that, right?

Well, not quite.


Your Vet will not only run tests, but will typically prescribe something to help with the issue at hand.

What usually happens is your pet takes the medications and then feels better fairly quickly.

But what happens after the meds are stopped?

Well, if the original problem wasn’t addressed and gotten rid of, the meds will temporarily shut off the symptoms.

If the problem isn’t handled, you will have issues as soon as the meds are done.

When you get the results back, you may notice that your pet has common allergens or even food sensitivities.

The important thing to check here is what is on that list.

You may find that COMMON things are on that list, which is NOT normal.

By common we mean chicken, turkey, venison, or anything typically considered healthy.

You shouldn’t have to have your pet avoid healthy foods or things to have their problems go away. This doesn’t make sense.

Typically in this scenario, this allergen list gets longer as they age.

What might be happening is that their immune system is going into overdrive. It might actually be overreacting to things that seem to be normal or healthy.

The point of the immune system is to keep us away from invaders, so anything healthy shouldn’t be seen as such.

If you are concerned by what might be on this list, it might be a good idea to contact a homeopathic Vet to see how they can help your pet.

If this seems like too big a step for you, another option is to make slow gradual steps towards a more healthy natural life. These slow steps might help you notice enough change in your pet to maybe try something bigger.

At the minimum you could always try supplementing to at least support their immune system to avoid common problems.

The important thing is to find what works for you and make the best decision for your pet.

Let us know what you prefer!