Overburdened with toxins

Overburdened with toxins

Sadly, we have become overburdened with toxins, HMs ? and GMO’s present in our food, air, and water that have compromised both our digestive tracts and immune systems leading to a multitude of autoimmune disorders, acute and chronic illnesses, inflammation, neurodegenerative disorders and cancer.

For this reason we have chosen our 3 products which create a powerful synergy and harmoniously enhance each other’s capabilities:

VENZEO – to remove the toxic body burden allowing proper functioning of the bodies organs.

MOTHERBOARD – to optimize the bodies immune system, using Transfer Factor Polypeptides which have an amazing 80:1 strength ratio over standard colostrum and are complimented by Quercetin, EFA’s, Adaptogens, VITAMINS, ??Mushrooms: Reishi, Lions Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps, Maitake & Shiitake ??to name just a few‼️

RIPCORD - Anti inflammation/Joint Support to combat inflammation aiding in mobility issues, digestive issues and other diseases of inflammation.

ALL of our products are:

?Whole Food Sourced Ingredients
?Micronized using Nanotechnology

?Manufactured in an FDA facility under ?Good Manufacturing Practices #GMP

?We are made & sourced in the USA ?? with the exception of a few ingredients that we source from South America, India and the nuclear free zone in New Zealand.

✋?If you or your ? and/or ? are using supplements held to any other standards ?? are doing it wrong. Do the research, ask yourself why and #GetVenjenz?? TODAY!

?We raised the standards for you and your animal companions❤️.??