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Tossing the Drugs

Tossing the Drugs

7th Aug 2020

It’s so common to walk in to a Doctor with a problem, and come out with a prescription.

It’s like second nature for that to be the trick to fixing whatever is wrong. It’s an instant fix, and people notice results fairly quick.

When you take your pet into the Vet, you can walk out with a range of prescriptions, ranging from anti-inflammatories, to antibiotics.

The First Problem:

Antibiotics kill bacteria - ALL bacteria.

Antibiotics wreak havoc on the microbiome:

  • We have friendly flora that are thought to be 80-90% of our immune system.
  • The microbiome affects digestion positively when in balance.
  • Helps protect against germs.
  • The flora synthesize valuable vitamins.
  • Behavior is linked to our microbiome’s healthy balance.

Antibiotics, especially in livestock, are what has created the growing epidemic of antibiotic resistance (superbugs) that kill thousands of people every year.

Support Natural Healing!

When we give our pets medications and/or antibiotics, we are disrupting the body’s natural healing process.

These medications typically come with a list of side effects, and until your pet takes it, you don’t know which ones will affect them.

Your pets health can be worsened when giving them meds and lives can even be lost as a result.

The side effects that happen as a result can be much worse than the original problem you went to the Vet for.

The best way to combat these problems is to give a natural route a shot.

The process will definitely be different than what you’re used to, but the treatments will be natural and not harmful to your pet.

Over time you will notice the change within your pet and not have to worry about the endless side effects wreaking havoc on your pet.

Next Step?

If you’re not sure about hiring someone just yet to treat your animal, you can first help your animals naturally yourself.

There are always small changes you personally can make with your pet that may start to make a difference.

One change would be to start changing the food you’re giving them.

If you feed them regular kibble, change to a healthier kibble, or even a raw diet.

Next would be to give your pet supplements. A good start would be Omega 3 supplements and natural minerals.

The biggest goal with supplements is to make sure they are aimed at boosting your pet’s immune system.

When their immune system is working better, the common problems you might be facing (sickness, itchy skin, etc), will likely start to get better.

We like giving our Canine Immune Complete to help boost their immune system and give them more energy.

Once you make small changes, give it some time to see how your pet reacts. If you feel like you need more intervention, look into hiring a homeopathic vet.

We want you to make whatever decision you feel is best for your pet. Good luck!