Summer Pet Safety

Summer Pet Safety

27th May 2021

Because the weather is only going to increasingly get hotter over the months, we want to talk about summer mindfulness.

We’ve recently discussed how to prevent and lookout for a heat stroke, but what about the other aspects of summer?

There’s so many things to be mindful of as the weather increases. Below we’ve named a few things to lookout for!

  1. Your pet can get a sunburn!

    A. Just because they have all that fur does not mean they can outrun a sunburn. Certain pets can also be more susceptible to a sunburn especially if they have short hair, white fur, and pink skin. Talk to your vet about an approved dog sunscreen to use! Remember that human sunscreens are not necessarily safe for pets.

  2. Should you let your dog walk on the concrete?A.

    Depending on the temperatures, the concrete can be way too hot for your pet. If you can’t let the back of your hand rest comfortably on the pavement for 11 seconds, you shouldn’t expose your dog either.

  3. Swim Time?A.

    Just because your dog likes to willingly jump in the pool doesn’t mean this is the best idea. Some pools are not pet friendly and don’t give easy access for them to get out. Make sure that you supervise your pets around pools to make sure they are getting in and out safely.

  4. Avoid Heat Stroke!

    A. We’ve talked in depth about heat stroke, but we love to reiterate this point. Make sure to keep your pet in the shade with easy access to water. Better to prevent a problem than deal with a problem.

  5. Plan activities outside peak sun hours:

    A. If you’re concerned about your pet in the sun, try to avoid the sun during peak hours (10 A.M. to 4 P.M.). Maybe planning a nice early morning picnic or a later afternoon walk would work better in your schedule?

  6. DO NOT leave your pet in a car:

    A. Your car can get up to 15° hotter than it is outside. It’s important to be mindful of this and make sure you don’t leave them trapped.

  7. Allergies!

    A. With the heat also comes allergies. You may notice that your pet looks more uncomfortable or itching more than usual. If not prevented or treated, these symptoms will start to make them miserable. To help boost their immune system and help prevent problems, we recommend Canine Immune Complete!

Summer is supposed to be fun and exciting! It easily can be by using some prevention and mindfulness. Let us know in the comments what you’re always mindful of when it comes to summer!