Fun Summer Activities with Pets

Fun Summer Activities with Pets

13th Jun 2021

Since the summer has approached, it’s fun to enjoy the outdoors!

Although it’s hot, there are definitely fun summer activities you can do that can include your pets.

The most important thing to remember about these activities is to keep your pet cool! We want your pet safe!


  • Whether it be a pool, lake, or the ocean, dogs tend to love water! However, this does not mean that they are naturally able to swim. It’s important to figure out how comfortable your dog is with the water before letting them jump in. If they aren’t accustomed to the water don’t let them jump in. Not every dog is a great swimmer and you wouldn’t want something happening to your pet.
  • Another option for swimming can happen in your backyard. You may already have a swimming pool at your home, but if you don’t, we have information on how to build a D.I.Y. pool for your pet. To read more, click here.Picnic:
  • Hungry? It’s always relaxing to go for a picnic. Don’t forget to bring some tasty treats for your pet and some cool water so they can stay hydrated. In the summer it’s easy for your pet to overheat, so make sure to choose a spot that has some shade so that you and your pet can stay cool.


  • Wanna go for an adventure? A hike is a great option to give both you and your pet some exercise! Find a good trail and make sure to keep some water with you to stay hydrated!


  • If the weather isn’t unbearably hot, camping is a great idea. Search in your local area for a dog-friendly campsite and enjoy the outdoors. Remember to go prepared with food, water, and maybe even a pet shader to keep the sun away from your pet.

    Local Events:

  • Check nearby if any local events are occurring. Sometimes farmer’s markets or local festivals are going on and encourage pets. If your pets love the outdoors and are socialized, include them on your summer adventures.

    Inside Fun:

  • Sometimes the weather outside is too hot to even think about going outside. Grab some of your pet’s favorite toys and enjoy the air conditioning!


  • Want to go for a walk or take the kids somewhere fun? Definitely go to the park and bring your pet! Not only will they love the exercise, they’ll also love the attention. Some parks will even have a dog park too! If your pet is socialized, they will love to get out there and play!