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Raw Food Diet Tips

Raw Food Diet Tips

4th Apr 2021

We’ve discussed how to make the switch to a raw diet for your pet. It requires you to ditch the bags of food from the store and go all natural.

We also mentioned that this could take some time to adjust (for both you and your pet), but over time you’ll definitely notice some changes.

Once this switch is made, you may notice your pet has:

  • Shinier coat
  • Healthier skin
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Higher energy levels
  • Smaller stools

But this is all easier said than done.

Making a change like this requires much more knowledge and effort on your part. It’s not as easy as walking into the store, grabbing a bag of food and running home.

So what are some tips so that you’re better prepared for this?

  1. Knowledge!
    • Before switching to a raw diet, the first thing is to do your research! Make sure that you are knowledgeable about what foods you’re going to give your pet. This goes for the types of foods as well as the portions of these foods. It’s also important to research and understand how to transition your pet into a raw diet. Too much all at once may overwhelm your pet, so do your research!
  2. Prepare!
    • When feeding a raw diet, being prepared is so important. You’ll have to be prepared when it comes to having the proper ingredients on hand. This is also important if you’re traveling. It will take more preparation before hitting the road than what you might be used to doing.
  3. Safety!
    • Make sure the food you are feeding is stored at safe temperatures and being fed in metal or ceramic dog bowls. Plastic can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so try to avoid plastic bowls if possible.
    • Also make sure to keep up with sanitization. You don’t want bacteria on your counters and utensils.
  4. Be honest with yourself!
    • You have two options when it comes to raw feeding. You can either prepare all the meals yourself, or you can order through a meal service. If you know you’re not going to prepare all the meals or that method just doesn’t work for you, look into the meal services. They do all the work for you and you’re just in charge of feeding your pet. There’s different options out there so find which one best works for your goals.
  5. Consistency!
    • Make sure to stay consistent throughout this process. Over time you will start to notice gradual changes within your pet, so just stick to what you’re doing and your pet will thank you!

If you’ve switched to a raw diet, let us know how that’s worked for your pet in the comments!