How to Understand Pet Food Ingredients

How to Understand Pet Food Ingredients

18th Oct 2020

When you take a walk down the pet food isle, there’s SO much to choose from. Many brands have claims all over the front and it can get so confusing as to what you should buy.

When you do finally decide what you think is best for a pet food, you do it based on what was claimed to be inside. The picture on the outside looked great. Different kinds of meat, maybe some vegetables, and it honestly looks tasty!

But when you actually start to look into the ingredients and understand what they specifically mean, you might think something else.

False Advertising

The outside bag that you bought into looks great, but do you actually believe that’s what’s on the inside? Steak? Lamb Chops? Do you think that’s what’s somehow in those little bits of kibble?

When you read the labels, sometimes they claim they use “Real Ingredients” and/or “High Quality Ingredients.” As if they didn’t would that mean it was fake ingredients or low quality ingredients? What does that even mean?

Sometimes they even claim to use “Real Chicken.” So not fake chicken? Got it.

When making dog food, there can be “food grade” or “feed grade.” Food grade is what is sold in grocery stores and made with actual food ingredients. Feed grade isn’t the same quality of those ingredients sold in grocery stores. The difference is that this food has been deemed safe and suitable for use.

This means that if something claims “Real Chicken,” it could technically be food or feed grade.

So What Do You Do?

It’s important to think outside the box (or the bag). When you’re looking at ingredients, really look into the labels and what they mean. Look at the ingredient list on the back. If you can’t pronounce it, it might not be a good idea.

Also it’s important to remember that your animal is defenseless. They don’t have much of a choice in the matter when it comes to what they eat. So it’s up to you to make the best decision you can for your pet.

Just be informative and do your research and your pet will thank you for it!