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Does Homeopathy for Pets Work Effectively

Does Homeopathy for Pets Work Effectively

3rd Dec 2020

When discussing modern medicine and homeopathy, one main difference pops out. Homeopathy works to cure the patient, modern medicine doesn’t.

Cure means:

  • The disease is eliminated
  • The “whole patient” improves (feels better, looks brighter, has more energy, etc.)
  • The betterment lasts without the continued use of medicine

If you have ever had someone close to you become sick, you’ll notice how modern medicine treats the patient.

The patient typically has their symptoms treated, not the disease or problem itself. When this occurs you’ll notice the patient may significantly feel better, but eventually their health starts to decline. Because only the symptoms are being treated, the underlying issue is still there.

With modern medicine, medication is used in order to alleviate symptoms associated with disease. With medication comes an unknown list of side effects. These can be temporary or long term, and the outcome is never known.

This isn’t to scare you from medication, but there is always a risk to taking medications, because not everyone reacts the same way to them.

Modern Medicine Won’t Cure Disease

If your pet starts to become ill, you need to know that modern medicine will not cure the disease. If they are treated with meds they may initially feel better, and if they’re lucky they won’t have side effects. However, this will not fix their problem, just the symptoms associated with the problem.

Over time as the meds start to lose their effectiveness you may notice your pet’s health becomes worse.

If you decide to take a homeopathic route, you’ll notice a major shift in your animal. This also means you will have a different treatment method than what you may be used to.

Homeopathy focuses on curing the patient instead of just treating the symptoms. This also means that the change will be gradual. You will not have an instant fix or your pet better immediately. It takes time to decide the best treatment route in order for the disease to be cured.

Chronic disease can be debilitating and it’s difficult to watch your pet’s health decline. But chronic diseases linger without proper cure. If not cured, other issues can result. That’s why if making the switch to homeopathy, we encourage patience. It will require you to be patient in order to see the gradual incline of your pet.

If you do make this switch there is no risk involved. Your pet won’t be given medications that they could have a reaction to.

We want you to make the most informed decision for your pet and do what you feel is best for them.

What do you find works best for your pet?