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What is the Best itch Relief for Dogs

What is the Best itch Relief for Dogs

7th Jun 2020

How it Always Starts

If you’ve ever had an itchy pet, you know how awful it can be, for both you and your pet.

Your dog is running around the house in an itching fit, and just when you think it might ease up, they sprint across the house again to relieve the itch.

You watch them chew and scratch, itch and bite, and now because of this, they have patches of missing hair, and wounds they must heal from.

Because they can barely take a nap, let alone sleep through the night, this also means you aren’t getting much sleep either. You hear them rustling around all night, so you’re in this together.

The situation is not easy for anyone involved, but all you want is to cure their itch so that the both of you can sleep through the night.

All this itching that is happening is a result of your pet’s immune system working overtime.

And with any problem, there is typically something that can help, or at least alleviate the situation. Here is where Apoquel enters the chat.

Apoquel is an anti-inflammatory drug that is for dogs, not puppies.

Stops Itch FAST!

The results of this drug are INSANE.

“Relief begins within 4 hours. Controls itch within 24 hours. Significant long-term itch reduction.”

This sounds like heaven in a bottle. All the times you were up with your pet because they couldn’t sleep from the itch, and now you have the fix. And a quick fix at that.

Why is My Dog SO Itchy?

To understand how this drug works, you must understand how the itch works.

The reasons why dogs itch could be:

  • Allergies
  • Boredom/Anxiety
  • Dry Skin
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Pain
  • Parasites (fleas, ticks, mites)

As we’ve stated before, itchy, allergic skin is the #1 reason pets go to vets.

But Why?

Remember when we mentioned earlier about the immune system?

For a quick explanation, cytokines are immune messengers that signal other cells to come help when something is wrong. When inflammation is triggered, these chemical messengers call for reinforcements.

Apoquel helps because it stops this inflammatory cascade by interfering. Of course it works. Your dog will stop itching quickly! But work and cure are two different words.

When this medication is given, symptoms are relatively controlled. Once the drug stops, the symptoms return.

The second you don’t have this drug for your pet, their itch will come back.

What About the Long-Term?

When you read through the reviews you will notice a lot of praise because the itch has disappeared and people are happy their pets aren’t miserable anymore.

But when you get past those reviews you will notice that there are two common problems.

  • Side Effects
    • Vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, anorexia, dermal masses, increased globulins/cholesterol/lipase, decreased leukocytes, developed pneumonia, bloody diarrhea, skin and ear infections
  • Not working as it used to

What this drug will do is most likely relieve the itch. For how long is an unanswered question. But what it will also do is interfere with your dog’s immune system and not actually cure the problem that is occurring.