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How to Approach Going Natural

How to Approach Going Natural

9th Apr 2021

Maybe you’ve noticed that your pet is more sluggish than usual, or maybe they’re experiencing health problems. Whatever the reasoning, you’ve decided to take a natural approach for your pet.

If you know you want to switch to a more natural life for your pet, what approach is best?

Should you take baby steps and slowly ease your way into it, or should you just dive right in and go natural all at once?

This answer all depends on what you feel comfortable with. If you have everything ready to go and the knowledge on the steps to take, go for it! It will be a big adjustment all at once, but being prepared is half the battle.

However, going natural for your pet can be overwhelming because it may be an entirely different lifestyle. In some cases, it may be best to start slow.

The slower approach may work better because it’s not an overwhelming adjustment. This allows you time to research, especially because having the information is one of the first crucial steps. Researching how to switch will take some time, and it may be that only one change in the beginning works best.

Maybe you only try one new thing at a time for a month before introducing something new to your pet.

When you do this approach, you’re also able to see the way in which it’s affecting your pet. Introducing too many things all at once doesn’t tell you what’s working and what’s not because you have too much going on all at once.

Slowly giving your pet something new to get adjusted to helps you to see the positive changes from one addition.

This slower approach may also help when switching their food. We’ve discussed raw diets previously, and slowly changing their food may be easier on their stomachs and help the transition. Click here if you want to read more about how to slowly approach the raw diet.

As your pet switches to a natural way of life, you’ll notice changes in their energy and everyday way of life. You might notice you have a brand new pet on your hands.

If switching to a natural way of life for your pet, it’s always best to just take the first step. You’ll learn along the way what works for your pet and what doesn’t. You can take your time, but it’s important to at least get started.

If you’ve made the switch to a natural way of life, how did you find it helped your pet? Let us know in the comments!