How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

21st Jan 2021

Raising a healthy pet starts as soon as they are born and continues all throughout their life. In order to do this it takes a little bit of knowledge and consistency.

By understanding how you can best help your pet, they can live life into old age, free of chronic disease.

The steps below take into account a primary focus on a natural lifestyle with immune enhancement.

If you’re getting your pet from a breeder, you can always reach out to them and see if they’d be willing to take into account some of these steps. If they aren’t, or if you get your pet through adoption at a later stage, do what you can as early as possible. The earlier you work on prevention, the healthier your pet will be in the long run.

  1. Stay away from vaccinations. If your breeder is okay with staying away from vaccines, don’t have your pup vaccinated.
  2. Add Immune Boosters. Our favorite is Canine Immune Complete. This helps with immune boosting and overall energy.
  3. Ask that your pup isn’t weaned before 8 weeks (if possible). The mother’s milk is great for the pups and even though it sounds exciting to have your pet sooner, it’s also important they are getting the nutrients they need!
  4. When you finally get your pup, transition to a raw diet. A diet for your pet is best to be raw and balanced. You can either do this yourself or get their raw diet delivered. Whichever you prefer will be fine.
  5. If your pet will be an outdoor pet some of the time, give one rabies vaccination after at least 4 months of age, but preferably after 6 months of age. This immunity will be lifelong and it’s important to continue taking the Canine Immune Complete long term.
  6. Watch after the first week or two after vaccinating. Some animals can become sick after this so it’s important to keep a close eye on your pet.
  7. Critically think about neutering. This decision is different for everyone. What may be best for another pet might not be best for yours. Do what you think is best.
  8. Use a daily detox on your pup. Our environment is extremely toxic and you never know what toxins your pets are ingesting. These bodily burdens can linger in pets and even be found in newborns. We recommend Vital Animal Detox to help with this.

If you’re able to incorporate these tips into your pet’s life, they will thank you for it! Ultimately it’s about them living their most healthy, vital lives. Let us know in the comments if some, or all of these steps worked for you!