Don’t Let Instant Gratification Fool You

Don’t Let Instant Gratification Fool You

7th Jun 2020

Instant Gratification.

It’s a common concept that everyone has come to love. If we need or want something, we expect it to be instant, no matter what.

The Internet is a culprit of this, especially with the rise in popularity of social media. However, this has now made us want everything instantly.

If we see something on the Internet, we are able to purchase it with the click of a button. With fashion and materialistic items, this is great! We can click “Buy Now” and then have our order delivered in a matter of a couple days.

This starts to become a problem when claims are made about instant gratification regarding your health. If we have any problem or pain with our bodies, we expect to have a quick fix, no matter how chronic the issue.

If you are believing the promise of instant gratification regarding health, that is not as related to rapid results, as much as it is to suppression of symptoms.

Disappear Symptoms!

Symptoms are not the disease itself, it’s the body attempting to overcome the disease.

When we are offered powerful drugs, typically steroids to cure inflammation of many sorts, it is common to see the symptoms disappear rather quickly. Within a few days or even sooner, you could experience your dog’s itch go away. Before you know it, they are sleeping through the night again like nothing ever happened.

Problem solved, right?

Buried would actually be a better term.

New Disease to Focus on!

What often happens is dogs or cats that are treated with suppressive drugs return to the vet within a month or two with something much more serious than the initial issue. Now instead of what seemed like a minor problem, there is a chronic issue happening.

Instead of curing the disease at hand, the symptoms were overshadowed by drugs that made it seem like the problem was gone. The disease was actually there the whole time, just hiding in the shadows.

If you run more diagnostics to see what the new problem is, there will be a new range of drugs to experiment with to see if that helps your pets. Do this cycle over and over again, and you’ll realize that the problems aren’t actually being cured, new problems are being created.

A Better Goal: Cure

Rather than go through the cycle and notice your pet’s health deteriorating over time, cure the problem. This will make it so much easier on both you and your pet.

Even when the symptoms were going away, your pet never really returned to normal. There was always something off about them and you couldn’t ever put your finger on it.

When you suppress the problems, nothing gets better. Your pet ends up shutting down, and over time, their health gets worse.

What you need is a cure. This will result in the symptoms disappearing and the disease being rooted out.

As you are progressing towards a cure, you will see life slowly return to your pet. They will look and feel better over time!

The way to do this is through homeopathy. The experts are able to help your pet and find a way to do more than suppress the symptoms.

When you choose this route, you also do away with medications, because eventually your pet won’t need them. Being cured will put them in a state of balance, which doesn’t require intervention from medication.

If your pet is dealing with a chronic lingering disease, you need professional help from a homeopathic veterinarian. This is not something you should attempt yourself. You need someone to manage your pet’s specific case and lead them to a cure.

When you choose delayed gratification over instant gratification, you will notice in the long run how much better it does for your pet. You will avoid continually making vet appointments to run more tests and try new medications.

Your pets will feel so much better and thank you for it!