Do Your Pets Know How You Are Feeling?

Do Your Pets Know How You Are Feeling?

27th Feb 2021

We’ve discussed before how beneficial of an impact our pets can have on us, but what if we flip the script?

Is it possible that our pets can sense our emotions or even in turn feel the same type of emotions?



Dogs have the ability to know when you’re sad. Have you ever noticed that when you’re sad or don’t feel at your best they are right next to you to snuggle?

They are able to pick up on your behavior and act accordingly in a way to be a comfort.

If you’ve had the flu or stayed home sick, did you ever notice your dog? They can sense that you aren’t feeling well and know they shouldn’t stray too far from you. So they might curl up on the couch or bed next to you, or even lie at your feet. They just want you to know they are there for you.


Dogs are also able to sense when something is about to happen. This can be true for a variety of events.

If your pet doesn’t like baths, they can sense that that’s what’s about to happen. You don’t even have to turn the water on yet, they are already keeping a distance.

The same goes for trips to the vet. If your dog hasn’t taken a liking to the vet, they can sense when the trip is about to happen.

Have you ever moved while having pets? Even as you’re gathering your things in boxes, your dogs know something is occurring. You probably noticed their behavior change as you began to gather your things together.

But how do they know this?

They do this using eye contact. Staring into your eyes is how they can sense what you’re feeling and if something may/may not happen.


We’ve discussed before how amazing a dog’s nose is, and the smelling abilities that accompany their nose.

When you’re scared, your body releases adrenaline. Their nose is able to smell when that adrenaline is released to know that you are scared. Their following actions may mimic that understanding. Their hair may rise on their back, their pupils might dilate, and even the way they stand might be different.

Your dog’s ability to smell your fear is what makes them go from companion to protector with the whiff of a scent.

Using their eyes and their nose, your pet can understand what you’re feeling and if something is about to happen. If you have pets you’ve most likely picked up on actions that seem like sweet gestures from your dog. Hopefully this helped you make sense of those gestures.

What has your pet done that helped you know they understood you? Let us know in the comments!