Away with the Diagnosis -- Let’s Get to the Cure

Away with the Diagnosis -- Let’s Get to the Cure

29th May 2020

Chances are, you’re spending way too much money on treatment for your animals.

You see they are possibly allergic to something, and the first thing you do (understandably so) is head to the vet.

Now of course, sometimes testing is involved in order to figure out exactly what they’re allergic to.

But what if there was a better, and more cost efficient way to spend your money?

Prevention Spending

You can spend money on prevention. You can spend money to prevent the problems before they begin. Of course you can wait and pay later for expensive diagnostics and treatment. It’s completely up to you, but I know what many would rather choose.

Unless you make wise prevention choices, it’s easy to spend money on conventional prevention (over vaccinating, feeding expensive food, and pet medications).

It’s also easy to spend money on trying to undo a chronic condition that may pop up in your pet’s life.

The goal here is to provide knowledge so that people are able to make informed decisions for their pets' lives and hopefully this can prevent overspending and pain for your pets.

Smart Prevention Costs LESS

What typically happens is:

  • People discover feeding raw and balanced food, which makes their vet bills go down. They also see their animal get shinier and much more healthy.
  • People learn that vaccinations are the most important choice they can make in their pet’s lives. A more vital animal will make vet bills decrease even more.
  • Lastly, people become more aware and concerned about the treatment and prevention against fleas and heartworms, which can cause all sorts of problems. When illnesses lessen, the vet expenses will continue to decrease, if not be eliminated.

But what if you followed old school prevention and your dog is damaged as a result?

We’re talking about the type of prevention that causes chronic disease like chronic itch.

How can you actually spend money wisely when you have these issues and diseases to deal with?

Forget the Diagnostics!

These tests are truly a waste of money, especially when they do extensive testing to see what your dog is allergic to.

Now I know when you are in the vet office this sounds like a great idea because you’re not only getting the recommendation to do it, but you think it’s going to lead to a beneficial solution.

But what will these tests do? Tell you what is causing the skin problems?

Diagnosing what allergens your dog or cat reacts to won’t cure them.

Spend on a Cure!

Rather than constantly running diagnostics to see what your pet is allergic to, why not spend money on treatment?

An actual curative treatment.

Your goal is simple: to cure the state of being allergic.

So lamb, rice, flea saliva, grasses, pollens, and all the rest that show up “reactive” on those allergy tests are responded to appropriately.

What does that mean?

No response at all!

Have your pet eat lamb, rice, or anything a dog can eat in the food realm, and don’t react to it like it’s something trying to kill them!

Get the occasional flea. They live here and will at some point or another, find their coat.

What’s a normal response to that look like?

A bit of scratching here and there. But not infrequent to the point of denuding the coat or making their skin red and inflamed, smelly and oozing.

The grass and pollen is fine. It’s in the world in which they live.

The bad news is that nothing in conventional medicine will cure any chronic disease. Allergies included. No surgery or drug ever will cure this.

Who to Call?

There is a system that does cure chronic disease.

There is a history of 200 years of this happening, including principles that really haven’t shifted.

It’s called classical homeopathy.

This is where you should spend your money if you really want to cure your pet of allergies, ear infections, arthritis, heart disease, epilepsy, cancer, or whatever else your pet has that lingers on and on.

What is important is that this is done right, or you will have mediocre results, or none at all.

If you’re going to cure anything chronic, you need to hire a professional.

For common chronic diseases, it takes a professional veterinary homeopath to effect cure. It’s certainly not easy, but a cure is possible.

Where to Start?

Ditch the diagnostics. These will not help you get closer to a cure because most of the allergens discovered that your dog is allergic to are almost impossible to avoid.

When your pet has a lingering chronic disease, hire someone trained to cure it.

With the most natural, non-toxic, and deeply effective system of medicine on the planet: homeopathy.

Money spent on homeopathy will give you results, diagnostics won’t.