Is Flea Prevention Harming Your Dog?

Is Flea Prevention Harming Your Dog?

31st May 2020

Hello Summer Weather!

The time is fast approaching and it’s almost summer. The nicer weather means hiking, swimming, biking, and just enjoying the outside.

Well, for us.

For our pets. Not so much.

With summer approaching, that means more insects and pests that are going to bother our pets. This includes one of the worst--fleas. They are the most bothersome and will have your pets itching up a storm.

When these fleas intrude on our pets’ lives, we have options to help them. The options range from poison-based to natural products.

Below I have included a chart that goes in-depth on the specifics of each.

When looking at the chart, ultimately natural does involve a little more work, but the safety to you and your pet makes it worthwhile.

The poison being discussed is a poison to the fleas. However, in poisoning these fleas, there’s always a risk associated when it comes to your pets and even you and your family.

If you read the fine print on some of these poisons, you’ll see the true danger to you. On K-9 Advantix in the fine print it says:

  • Do not get this product in your dog’s eyes or allow your dog to ingest this product.
  • Children should not come into contact with application sites until completely dry.
  • Do not use this product on cats (can be fatal)

If this is such a danger to our pets and children, why do so many people have the confidence with these products? Yes it kills fleas, but it’s also a huge risk to your pet and your children. The danger is enough in itself and means you have to watch both your children and pets like a hawk to make sure they stay “safe.”

The Best Method is Prevention

We’ve talked about this plenty of times. The best way to avoid these problems is to prevent the problem before it begins. This is the safest way to prevent fleas from wrecking your pets’ lives and ruining the summer.