Your Pets and GMOs

Your Pets and GMOs

9th Feb 2021

What Are GMOs?

GMO stands for genetically modified organism. This is a manipulation of an organism’s actual DNA in a laboratory by the insertion of another species’ genes into the gene sequence of the target organism.

A common example is growing a GMO soy crop with herbicide resistance. “Roundup Ready” soy varieties allow a farmer to cover a soybean field with glyphosate, and kill all the weeds without killing the crops.

Because of this accounting for 85% of GMOs, there is now a resistance to Roundup. This is starting to appear in weeds, just like superbugs in hospitals from overuse of antibiotics.

Natural resistance to these things is nothing new. If something is treated, a few will be able to resist, meaning down the line more will be able to resist.

The problem here comes when your dog is eating a laced GMO corn in his kibble. Or your pet eats the cow who ate that GMO corn with toxins.

You are not exempt from this either. You can still consume GMOs in the same way.

So how likely are you or your pet to consume GMOs?

Unfortunately, processed human foods have a 60-70% likelihood of containing GMOs.

Processed Food.

This also describes your pet’s kibble.

Processed food for your pet.

This is a heads up to be careful about your food selections for your pet because sometimes you really don’t know what’s going in their bodies.

So what are the Health Effects of GMO consumption?

  1. Toxicity
  2. Allergic Reactions
  3. Antibiotic Resistance
  4. Immuno-suppression
  5. Cancer
  6. Loss of Nutrition

Some of these effects are life-long. If they can happen to you, they can also happen to your pet. It’s important that we check labels and make sure we understand what our pets are consuming.

Some tips we recommend are:

  1. Home prepare your raw food
  2. Avoid processed food
  3. Vote to require labeling of all GMOs in all foods.
  4. Refuse to buy foods that don’t require GMO labeling
  5. Buy foods labeled organic.
  6. Buy verified non-GMO foods.

We’ve mentioned before on how to switch to a raw diet, and the small changes that can be made. If you feel comfortable with that, it might be a good place to start.

GMOs can be hidden within the ingredients that our pets are consuming. If we make more conscious choices on what our pets consume, we can save the ill-long lasting health effects.