How to Make My Dog Smell Better

How to Make My Dog Smell Better

28th Jan 2021

If you notice your pet has an odor, you might find pet deodorants or some kind of odor blockers.

If you’re wanting your dog to smell better, do you think a pet deodorant is the fix? Even if the deodorant is all natural and essential oil based, it probably isn’t the way to go.

Think about it.

Your pet doesn’t wake up and think “can’t forget to put on my deodorant before I get in my comfy spot on the couch.”

Let’s face it. Our dogs smell from time to time and you definitely understand if you grew up with dogs or have dogs right now. This is especially true if they play outside often or get themselves into messes. But they’re dogs, what are they supposed to smell like?

That’s the point here, they aren’t supposed to smell.

Getting into a mess outside and needing a bath is one thing, but having a constant foul smelling odor is another. Your dog isn’t supposed to stink.

So if you’ve been noticing an odor, how do you get them to smell better?

Switch to a natural lifestyle. When you start raising healthy animals they will have:

  • Shiny coats
  • Soft fur
  • Sweet scents (that don’t smell like deodorants/perfumes)
  • White teeth
  • Bright eyes

These new changes may not be noticeable immediately, but if you switch to natural, stay patient. It’s important to give your pet some time to get adjusted to a natural lifestyle. Slowly but surely you will start to notice some changes, hopefully in regards to the smell.

But why is your pet smelling?

Usually it has to do with the ingredients in products they are given. One common is the kibble they eat. If you see ingredients on the label that seem questionable or are hard to pronounce, that could be a good indicator of what could be causing the odor.

The best way to avoid this is to start feeding a raw food diet. This means ditching the kibble and either feeding them a raw diet yourself, or ordering from somewhere.

After this change you’ll slowly start to see a positive progression in your pet. The benefit to this is that it will benefit your pet in more ways than one (mentioned above).

If you have made the change to a natural, raw diet, let us know in the comments how it has worked for your pet!