Testimonials - Wendi Manwiller

7th Nov 2021

Quick story on this … I own a large pet sitting and doggie daycare. I had a customer with a collie, age 4, for three years coming to daycare. I push, push, push homeopathy and raw feeding as much as possible. The dog was having allergies that consumed him. Raw feet, raw armpits, and non stop scratching. After two years of trying to convince to stop vaccines and go with alternatives, they finally did. I put the dog on TF canine complete, and a daily dose of pre/pro biotics. Got them to not get vaccines this past spring when due and low and behold, NO ITCHING !!!! hair grew back, dog happy end of story. Also end of apoquel. They wouldn’t go raw feeding, but just the few changes made all the difference. They could not thank me enough for the sake of the dog.