Tips for Your Aging Pet

Tips for Your Aging Pet

23rd Apr 2021

As your pet gets older, you start to notice a few changes...

They might be sleeping a little more and playing a little less. But are there changes that you should be making in order to make their senior life a little easier?

Pets are considered “Senior” at around 7 years of age. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change their entire life once they hit 7 years old, but it’s important to notice their behavior.

Are they exhibiting senior-like traits? If so, we have a few tips in order to make this easier for you and your pet.

  1. Feed less as activity decreases:
    • If you notice your pet isn’t playing as much, it’s important to have a diet that reflects that. This means smaller portions and possibly less often.
    • If your pet is under 30 pounds, feed twice daily.
    • If your pet is over 30 pounds, feed once daily.
  2. Enzymes and probiotics:
    • By giving your pets enzymes and probiotics, you can help them digest their food a little bit better. It also will help to extract nutrition that’s in the food they are consuming.
    • Because they will be getting better nutrition, this also helps to cut back on portion sizes.
  3. Add Essential Fatty Acids:
    • These EFA’s are great for anti-inflammatory benefits and help to balance out the immune system.
  4. Regular Exercise:
    • We know that as your pet gets older they don’t want to play as much, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be exercising at all…
    • Make sure to at least try to take them on daily walks in order to get them moving. A little movement helps for their joints to get some mobility.
  5. Immune Boosters:
    • Boosting your pet’s immune system is important at any age, but definitely when they are Seniors. Immune Boosters help with a healthy immune system, which in turn can fight off infections and even give them more energy. We recommend Canine Immune Complete for this!
  6. Try Going Natural:
    • Going natural has an endless amount of benefits, but especially if you notice your pet slowing down. Just because the senior “age is 7” doesn’t mean that’s when your pet is supposed to start slowing down. Taking a natural approach can have many benefits that will help to keep them healthier and more active for a little longer. Check out our other blog post here to read more about going natural.

We know our pets are going to get old one day, but sometimes we don’t notice this until they start really slowing down. Hopefully these tips will help guide you along your journey with having an older pet. Have you tried a few of these tips and noticed a difference in your pet? Let us know in the comments!