What to Feed Pets

What to Feed Pets

16th Aug 2020

Did you know that when you feed your pet, you’re actually feeding a modern day wolf?

Genes from domestic dogs almost completely match with those of a wolf. So no matter what breed your pet is, they have the same digestive system, including food needs, as a wolf.

Although domesticated, animals still have hunting tendencies. They don’t have sharp, pointed teeth and claws for nothing.

Cute is Only Appearance Deep:

Our modern dogs and cats are the results of mankind’s genetic selection, that selection being appearance.

Society has determined what they deem “desirable” and likely to be wanted and purchased.

Although genetically manipulated, the digestive system still remains the same.

So What Do You Feed Them?

If you go to the pet food aisle of any grocery or pet store, you will find dried, manufactured kibble.

Pet food is a billion dollar industry.

Yes billion with a B.

This industry also specifically caters to what people might be looking for in terms of health for their pets.

This is especially true when you see labels such as “All Natural” or “Now With Antioxidants.”

Some of these labels will even show pictures of all the healthy additions in the food, but when you look at the ingredient list, the healthy foods are at the very end.

Some Food Choices Might Be Killing Your Pet:

Even if the kibble you are feeding your pet claims that it’s “natural” and “healthy,” it can still be detrimental to their health.

One problem is that it’s toxic.

If you see the words “byproduct” and/or “digest” on the label, it’s typically a source unfit for even a human to eat.

All you have to do is take a minute to read the ingredient list on the pet food bag and you’ll soon be questioning what exactly you’re feeding your pet.

What to Feed?

The best thing to do for your pets is:

  • Buy it prepared, raw and balanced.
  • Make it balanced with raw ingredients.

Many choices exist to buy food already prepared. The only downside is that it can cost more than making it yourself.

On the contrary, although cheaper, when you make it yourself you also have to put in more work.

If you’ve read previous posts before, you know that we recommend feeding protein on monthly increments. Change the protein source monthly so that your pet has a variety in their diet.

The best piece of advice is to find what works best for you and your pets. Try out different recipes and let us know what you prefer!