How to Recognize Pet Allergies

How to Recognize Pet Allergies

15th Apr 2021

It’s that time of year again.

We know the weather is getting nicer, and makes you excited to be outside! It’s the perfect weather for a cookout and a nice long walk with your pet.

But it’s also that time of year again.

Allergy season. Maybe for you too, but specifically your pet.

We’re talking about the allergies that have your pet stopping midwalk because they’re so itchy.

“Fleas are often found to be the reason for a pet’s itchiness. The flea’s saliva sets off an allergic reaction leading to a flurry of chewing and digging at the skin. This is known as atopy and affects many pets from springtime straight through until fall.”

Because we’re entering the start of this timeline, we want you to be prepared, as this is the number one reason for vet visits. If your pet is experiencing these symptoms, they can rapidly develop and become unbearable for your pet.

They may start itching and biting so much that they start to develop hair loss and hot spots (oozing areas) of their skin.

So what do you do?

The most important action is to be aware.

If your pet starts having these symptoms, a vet may attempt to give your pet steroids, but these allergies will not be cured through steroids. The steroids will come with a list of side effects and mainly act as a Band-Aid. They will cover up your pet’s itching temporarily, but never actually cure the problem at hand.

So if steroids won’t cure your pet, what next?

If you are curious as to what could help your pet, we recommend finding a homeopathic vet. They will work on discovering the root of the problem and the source of the itching. Your pet may have a food allergy, or the beginning of a chronic issue.

Find someone that you trust and has your pet’s best interest at hand. But remember to stay patient. We’ve discussed the process of taking the natural route, and it’s important to remain patient.

The problem didn’t start overnight, and the problem won’t be cured overnight.

Our last tip is to start boosting your pet’s immune system. When your pet has a strong immune system that is ready to fight off whatever comes it’s way, you can avoid a lot of problems for your pet (and save some money since you won’t be at the vet all the time). We recommend Canine Immune Complete. This will boost your pet’s immune system and give them a ton of energy!

Hopefully now you can work to avoid this problem, or at least know how to handle it if it enters your life. Until then, go out and enjoy the weather and let us know in the comments if you’ve been able to avoid the allergies!