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Taking Personal Responsibility for Pets

Taking Personal Responsibility for Pets

17th Jul 2020

When something is wrong with your pet, your first thought might be to rush them to the vet.

You want the best for your pet, so why not take them to a doctor?

But we must take responsibility when it comes to healing our pets. The first step is understanding the severity of the problem.

Is the problem an acute illness, like an injury, insect sting, or a wound?

Or is the problem a chronic illness, something beyond basic treatment? Such as itchy skin, or inflammation?

When you don’t take responsibility, this can look like dropping your pet off at the vet and not knowing the exact treatment that is occuring. When you are more involved and understanding of the situation, you may end up deciding a different treatment method.

Be in the Loop:

When you take responsibility for the care of your pet, you need to be in the loop with just how severe the issue is. If the problem is a chronic disease, such as allergic itchy skin, diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy, gum disease or cancer, this is best managed by someone who has training to cure and help them.

If you decide to go the holistic route, there are holistic vets who will know when to and how to change remedies in order to cure your pet. And rather than cover up symptoms, as with conventional medicine, they will work towards a cure.

For acute problems, these are more easily managed. You may be able to find an at home remedy that allows you to take care of your pets on your own, without having them scared because they are at the vet.

Your Choice!

Ultimately the health of your pet is your choice. This comes down to the food they eat, to finding ways to manage problems that arise. You are the decision maker when it comes to their health.

Do the research and see what you can find. You may decide to use conventional medicine and help your pets when they need it, or you may decide to take a more holistic approach. Ultimately the decision is yours. We want you to make the most informed decision that best helps your pets. Because happy, healthy pets make for an overall happier life.