Stay Consistent

Stay Consistent

14th Jan 2021

When switching to a raw diet for your pet, it’s important to stay consistent. Although you may notice beneficial changes soon, the bigger picture is important to keep in mind. Many people switch to raw diets for their pets in order to help with chronic disease or weight issues their pets might face.

If your pet has a chronic disease, healing will take time.

Diet alone will only do so much for the disease, so other factors about your pet must be considered.

If you are noticing your pet’s chronic disease symptoms are still prominent, consider these things:

  • What is their vaccination history? If they are prone to vaccines every year this may be a good indicator of where the problems are originating from. Stopping vaccines if you’ve already begun could be necessary in order to notice changes for a natural lifestyle.
  • What exact diet is being fed? Are you using a store bought diet or a homemade diet?

If your pet does have a vaccination history, this is a great place to start. Many symptoms can pop up after vaccinating such as:

  • Coat is dull - they shed constantly
  • LOTS of scratching
  • Switching from one raw food method to another

Many people see vets because of allergies, especially itching. This is found on the skin and also the ears. If you switch your pets diet, it will temporarily help the symptoms, but more should be done to treat the disease itself.

However if you only stick to a regular kibble diet, this won’t help at all. These dog foods can be loaded with GMOs and false claims.

But if you have switched to a raw diet and notice the pounds aren’t coming off your pet, there might be another issue at hand. Hypothyroidism might be a cause of this. It can cause easy weight gain, poor coat, itchiness, and crazy appetites.

When you go to the vet, make sure they are testing your pet’s thyroid. If they do test make sure to ask for the following:

  • T4
  • Free T4
  • TSH
  • Thyroglobulin autoantibody

If any of these values come back out of the normal range, you’ll know there is a thyroid issue that needs to be handled.

Switching to a raw diet will not necessarily cure your pet, but it could help some of the symptoms they are having. If you want to treat the disease at hand try looking into homeopathy. This involves looking into natural treatments for your pet in order to actually cure the disease (which also means symptoms won’t be an issue).

Did you notice a change when switching to a raw diet? Let us know in the comments.