See For Yourself

See For Yourself

1st Feb 2021

You might wonder if switching to a natural approach actually works. Maybe you wonder if this approach will heal your animals and be worth it in the long run.

Here’s a reminder. You should only embark on this natural journey and stay on this path with knowledge and understanding. It’s best for your pet if you understand what to do for this natural route. You should know why you’ve chosen this route and why it’s safer, non-toxic, and non-damaging.

The biggest benefit of having the knowledge and understanding of this is that you’ll be unshakeable. If anyone tries to criticize, you’ll know why what you’re doing is best. This is especially important because most likely you’ll encounter people that try to convince you otherwise or even interject their opinions.

Ultimately it’s about patience.

When you start to notice small changes, it’s a little encouragement to keep on track with what you’re doing. By having patience, you’ll understand over time how beneficial this decision really was for your pet.

Conventional medicine can cause problems, but the natural route works to fix them and keep your pet healthy. When you make a switch to natural, the goal is to undo any harm that has been done. This could have come in the form of vaccinations, poisons for fleas and heartworms, and junk food.

Before you make this switch you must know that going natural is not a cure-all. What works for one pet will not work for another. Also, just because you switch your pet’s diet and make some changes does not mean their chronic condition will be cured.

This is also not saying the natural route won’t help your pet. At the least, your pet will have a significant improvement to their life. Rate and level of improvement is different among pets, which is why we make that known.

If you are able to find anyone who has tried the natural route, reach out to them. See what changes they noticed and how their pet reacted. By seeing or hearing personal stories, it might give you the encouragement you need to make the switch for your pet.

If you have made the switch or know someone who has, let us know in the comments how it worked!