How to Avoid Predisposed Cancer in Pets

How to Avoid Predisposed Cancer in Pets

11th Sep 2020

We’ve discussed before the potential side effects of a common drug known as Apoquel.

It seems that a common side effect now is cancer.

Cancer? Seriously?

Apoquel works by suppressing your pet’s immune system.

When your dog is having inflammation (itchy skin, etc.), immuno-suppressant drugs like Apoquel work to turn off that inflammation.

The problem with this is that the inflammation is a signal that something is wrong. So instead of addressing and fixing the problem, the medication simply ignores it.

It’s almost like a switch. When your pet takes medications like Apoquel, it turns off inflammation and it seems like your pet is good to go.

Sort of.

The positive is that it brings instant relief to many dogs. You go from seeing your dog running around and having an unbearable itch, to now being calm and sleeping peacefully.

The downside is that the warning label in fine print states,

“APOQUEL may increase the chances of developing serious infections, and may cause existing parasitic skin infestations or pre-existing cancers to get worse.”

This warning kind of saves them from being held accountable if your dog were to fall ill of some type of cancer.

If you were to lose your dog, it would be blamed on a predisposition.

In addition, it’s difficult to even know if your pet is “predisposed” to cancer. It’s kind of a shot in the dark. You’d never know and therefore wouldn’t exactly have anything to pinpoint the blame if they fell ill.

The Truth:

Your pet can’t really be measured in terms of predisposition (unless you have high-tech connections in laboratories).

According to scientists who study cancer and immunity, we all have cancer cells that try to grow in us at any given time. It’s our immune system’s job to take them out.

How to Avoid This?

If you want to avoid the possibility of your dog getting cancer from a medication, it’s important to take precautionary measures.

One step would be to stop annually vaccinating your pet. At the very least, decrease how often you are vaccinating.

Next, make sure you are using immune supporting supplements that will help diminish the chance of something happening, or better help their already damaged immune system.

Consider hiring a homeopathic vet that will help you avoid the need for your pet to be prescribed these meds in the first place.

Don’t Shift Blame.

You won’t have to worry about who to blame if your dog were to get sick/cancer if you address the problem before it begins.

It’s important to start building their immune system so that it’s less likely you have to worry about these issues.

Instead of making a leap into a new change, start by taking baby steps and do some research. If you can find small changes that make you more comfortable to begin with, this might help the overall issue that’s causing your pet to have to visit the vet.

Let us know what works best for you!