Pet Adoption Tips!

Pet Adoption Tips!

18th Mar 2021

Making the decision to add a furry friend to your family doesn’t come easy. You have to know whether or not this is the right decision for you and your family.

What if you know you want a dog, but you definitely want to go through the process of adoption?

We’re here to give you some tips so that this transition is easier for you and you have an idea of what to expect!


The first thing we want to discuss is that this is a lifelong commitment. Make sure that this decision is right for you and your family and you’re ready to give them a secure home. Because every dog’s background is different before you adopt, it’s important that they feel secure.

The next idea is to come up with an age range. Do you know you want an older or younger pet? Maybe start there so that you can narrow down your search at the shelter. When you arrive at the shelter to see the pets, it sounds cliche, but when you know you know. The decision will practically be made for you.

Before you say yes, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • You’re going to want to check into their history. See what their story is and possible behavioral issues you may face so you’re prepared. When you know why they act the way they do, it can make both of your transitions much easier.
  • Take note of their energy and how well they interact with you, your family, or other pets. This will also give you insight on whether or not their transition may be faster or longer.
  • Lastly at the shelter, see how they respond to food. It’s important to gauge how often they eat so you know what is their starting normal.

You’re Going To Say Yes. Then What?

If you know you’re definitely going to adopt a pet, there are a few additional tips we have because this isn’t just any dog. This pet already has a background and a history needs to be taken into consideration when preparing for their arrival.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Make sure to have a leash and collar with an ID tag for safety.
  • If you’re crate training, have this ready for when they arrive.
  • Stock up on some toys for them if they feel enticed to play.
  • Block off unwanted areas. If you know there are areas of your home you don’t want destroyed, block it off to avoid any issues.
  • Begin training soon! Sometimes even housebroken pets will still slip up. Make sure to start soon and stay consistent with training.
  • Give your new pet some time to adjust to their surroundings before introducing new things such as the dog park or strangers. Too much all at once can be overwhelming.
  • When introducing children, keep your pet on a leash so they feel secure. Children may startle your new pet, so it’s important to be careful.
  • To emphasize the earlier point of food, understand their eating schedule. Keeping something secure in their routine at first can help their transition.
  • Try to keep a consistent schedule. If they know what to expect, this can also ease their transition into your home.
  • Supervise! Make sure to constantly supervise your pet to make sure they are adjusting well and following the rules that you’ve laid out.
  • If you’re adopting a puppy, also check out our Puppy Tips.
  • Lastly, stay patient. Your pet is going through an entirely new adjustment. They may be shy, scared, or upset. Give them time to acclimate and don’t rush it. When they’re ready to snuggle you and be around you more often, they will. Just remember that this is all new for them and it could take time.

Hopefully these tips will give you a little more guidance as to how to transition your pet into your home. Let us know in the comments what works well for you!