Do Dogs Need Heartworm Medicine

Do Dogs Need Heartworm Medicine

28th Jul 2020

Sometimes it takes seeing to believe.

This is especially true when it comes to going natural. It’s a different approach when it comes to caring for your dog, but in the end you’ll notice changes within your pet.

The usual routine will be entirely different such as:

  • No vaccinations
  • No heartworm medications given every month
  • No flea medications
  • Switching to a raw diet

It’s Dangerous, Right?

These changes sound dangerous when compared to your normal routine, but it may just be your mind getting in the way.

We assume that what the vet says is exactly what we need to do, but sometimes that may not be the best approach.

We’re told to constantly vaccinate our pets, but the protocols don’t align with necessity.

You might be nervous because raw diets would mean exposure to salmonella. The truth is that regular kibble has traces of salmonella, and isn’t as healthy for your pets.

So What Happens?

When you make the switch to a natural lifestyle for your pet, you’ll notice the change.

Their coat will get shinier, their eyes will be brighter, and overall they will look and feel healthy.

The biggest step is taking the first one. Try not to let fear and what “normal” feels like, dissuade you from making a switch. Once you do, you will gradually notice a positive difference in your pet.