Is Chiropractic Care For Dogs Right?

Is Chiropractic Care For Dogs Right?

28th Apr 2021

Have you noticed your pet limping or feeling more sluggish than usual?

Maybe they have an autoimmune issue that’s currently being treated. Or maybe there is nothing wrong with your pet.

Regardless of the reason, have you ever thought to try chiropractic care? “Chiropractic refers to the practice of manipulating the spine to treat disease.” This however does not mean that your pet must have a disease in order to be treated.

This also means that any pet with a spine can be treated. So your cat, dog, and even your horse can see a chiropractor to improve their health.

What is it?

The focal point is the spine. Chiropractors manipulate the spine in order to avoid disease, as well as treat diseases that have manifested. The hope is that the spine will be in the correct position to avoid issues and problems that occur in the body.

Chiropractors make “adjustments” or spinal manipulations, in order to help the patient restore their health, or maintain their current health.


Whenever you make the decision to take your pet in for care, people want to know a timeline of when their pet will feel better. This question never has an exact answer. With every animal comes a case-by-case basis that focuses on treating and healing over time. What may look like a short time frame for one pet may be a longer time frame for another.

What’s best is to seek a consultation with a pet chiropractor in your area and get a more exact answer.


Once your pet receives an adjustment, they might feel more loose after the first appointment. It’s important to note that overall health will gradually improve over time. It usually isn’t just one appointment and they’re done. Remember healing takes time.

As your pet gets regular adjustments (whatever your chiropractor deems necessary), you should notice a gradual improvement in their stiffness and overall health.

Combination Treatments?

It is not uncommon for people to combine treatment plans. Your pet can still see their vet as usual and follow their guidance along with a chiropractor. This does not mean you shouldn’t still see your vet if something is wrong. It’s important to use resources that are available.

Have you seen a chiropractor for your pet? How do you think it went? Tell us below in the comments!