Essentials for Summer

Essentials for Summer

4th Jun 2021

With the summer comes more excitement and outdoor activities!

The last thing you want to do is leave your pet out of the fun. So how do you keep them safe and cool, especially in the warmer weather?

We’ve included 11 must haves for your pet this summer!

  1. Sunscreen ($18)
    • Yes your pets can get sunburnt! This is especially true for pets with lighter coats and less fur. It’s so important to understand this and be prepared with sunscreen! Also remember that human sunscreen is not the same and it’s important to buy sunscreen specifically designed for pets.
  2. Cooling Bandana ($12)
    • The heat can easily take its toll on your pet so it’s important to keep them cool any way you can. A cooling bandana can help to regulate their body temperature and keep them cool.
  3. Cooling Mat ($25)
    • If you’re enjoying the outdoors and want your pet with you, a cooling mat is just what you need! The grass can be so hot, especially in the direct sun, and a cooling mat is exactly what can keep your pets’ body cool. This mat specifically lasts for 3 hours and automatically recharges after 15-20 minutes of non-use.
  4. Cooling Vest ($24)
    • Another great accessory is a cooling vest. The lightweight and adjustable aspect of this vest is perfect for your pet. It can help protect them from the U.V. rays and keep them cool for hours. All you have to do is wet it, ring it out, and put it on your pet!
  5. Dog Booties ($16)
    • We’ve discussed how important it is to check the pavement outside. If you can’t comfortably rest the back of your hand for at least 5 seconds, then it’s too hot for your pet. So what if you have to walk on the pavement and need to walk your pet? Dog booties may be the best solution. They will protect your pet’s feet and are easy to put on!
  6. Collapsible Dog Bowl ($6)
    • When enjoying the outdoors with your pet, it’s essential that they have access to water. With a collapsible dog bowl, you’re able to easily take this with you wherever you go without taking up a bunch of space.
  7. Water Fountain ($39)
    • If you’re feeling like splurging on your pet, a water fountain might be the way to go! This water fountain also acts as a sprinkler with a water filtration system so they can drink and play at the same time. It’s paw activated and your pet will love it!
  8. Portable Fan ($15)
    • If you know you’re traveling with your pet and need to take their crate, a portable fan is perfect! This fan hangs on the side of the crate and is battery operated.
  9. Pet Shader ($45)
    • When trees aren’t available, a pet shade is extremely beneficial! Staying cool in the shade is so important for pets, and this pet shader also sits off the ground so your pet won’t have to sit on the hot ground.
  10. Dog Pool ($22)
    • Water is one of the most easy and fun ways for your pet to cool off! A pool for your pet is exactly what they need for the summer!
  11. Floating Water Toys ($6)
    • There’s a ton of options when it comes to toys for your pet. If you have a pool, try floating dog toys. We want them to give them a reason to be in the water and cool down! They’ll love to play with their toys and get in the water!

We want you and your pets to enjoy the outdoors, but also have a safe summer. The heat can be extremely dangerous to your pet if they aren’t able to stay cool. Hopefully these accessories can add ease and fun to your summer activities.

What’s your favorite summer accessory for your pet? Let us know in the comments!