How to Change Your Pet's Diet

How to Change Your Pet's Diet

24th Sep 2020

Although not easy, thinking differently can be rewarding and valuable. We have the choice to stick with what is “normal,” or think outside the box.

When we talk about normalcy, we are talking about conventional medicine. When we are told what is normal, it is common to go with the flow and not question it. But is that always the right thing to do?

Sometimes when we are told something, we need to ask questions. Although Vets may have good intentions, it may not be what you deem as necessary for your pets.

In conventional medicine, sometimes harm can come to our animals, and this harm results in a profit for others (Big Pharma).

This is why we encourage owners of pets to do a little digging into what is considered “normal.” This means you may want to start asking some questions and look further into doing exactly what the Vet tells you. You may be surprised to discover something new out there.

It’s extremely easy to discover that your pet has a problem and immediately give them the prescription given to you by the Vet. Although these meds usually help fairly quickly, they can come with a list of side effects that could be harmful to your dog.

What we are suggesting here is to simply do the research. With any given advice comes altering opinions no matter what you decide. So it’s up to you to figure out what is best for your pet.