Antibiotic Damage Treatment

Antibiotic Damage Treatment

13th Oct 2020

The bacteria that live inside us affects our digestion, immune response, and even our mood. This connection between physical and emotional is making it more vital that we take care of our gut as best we can.

When we discuss antibiotics, the problem is that even though you may feel better, the antibiotics kill all the bacteria. This includes both good and bad bacteria.

The aftermath results in the good bacteria that we rely on being killed off. Without that, we can run into a numerous amount of problems resulting from this.

So what to do to make this situation better?

  • Avoid antibiotics

If possible at all, avoid antibiotics unless you have no other choice for your pet. If it is not a life threatening issue, things you can do include:

  • Boosting the immune system
  • Colloidal silver
  • Try herbs and/or essential oils
  • Hire a homeopathic vet
  • Feed probiotics routinely

Probiotics can help keep your animals’ gut microbiome diverse.

When it comes to what probiotics to use, think of billions per dose. Also, make sure to change the source periodically.

  • Damage Repair

If the damage has already been done, it is highly recommended to talk to a holistic vet. They can give you a thorough evaluation of your pet and where to start to get them back on track.

Lucky For You

The good news is that we now have more information and knowledge regarding the gut and how it works. Because of this we understand the damage antibiotics can cause.

Since we know this information we can now hopefully correct the problem before it begins.

If the problem has already set in, it’s much more difficult to hurry and correct it. So keep up with the immune boosting and staying away from antibiotics as much as possible and you should have a healthy pet.

Let us know what has worked for you!