About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, we have CHANGED the supplement industry in order to provide YOU THE SOLUTION to a world laden with environmental, agricultural, industrial and pharmaceutical toxins in our food, air, water, and Vaccines leading to compromised digestive tracts & immune systems for YOU & YOUR ANIMALS.


Our “healthcare” system focuses on CONTAINING not CURING putting PROFIT before PROGRESS. IT IS A MATRIX where Big Pharma creates synthetic drugs, Allopathic Physicians prescribe them, Big Pharma pays Corporate Media to advertise while Big Tech censors or silences anyone brave enough to challenge them.


This all happens while our government whom we believe is protecting us as a people, is NOT ONLY turning a blind eye but PROFITING from this web of deceit as recent evidence shows.


The INUSTICE & SUFFERING this CORRUPT system has caused for over a CENTURY is what MOTIVATES us.


We have RESHAPED the NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT MARKET to offer YOU & YOUR ANIMALS DETOX, IMMUNE, and PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS using a technology previously only available in the pharmaceutical industry which enables us to give you the WORLD’S CLEANEST, WHOLE-FOOD SOURCED, SYNTHETIC & CRUELTY FREE, NON-GMO, VEGAN FRIENDLY products with an UNPARALLELED 100% BIOAVAILABILITY that are MADE IN THE USA.


At VENJENZ, we source only the best, cleanest ingredients and consult with top health experts. We know how to support you and your animals so you can detox and build a “bullet proof” immune system.


Odds are, you’re here because you’re trying your best to avoid all this in raising your animals to be healthy, vital beings and can enjoy a long, joyful life. VENJENZ is here to help you in your quest to bring out the best in you and your animals, even if you’ve already lived on our toxic planet for years. We have crafted some unique products to aid in cleansing toxins from you and your loved ones and to make you all “immune strong” so you can react appropriately and intelligently to the challenges you face.


Have a look around and grab some of the planet’s best natural answers to the challenges we all face. You no longer have to throw your hands in the air and accept that toxins are inevitable or that immune disease is the new “norm.”

All of us here at VENJENZ want to make sure you and your pets are doing more than just surviving. We want to make sure you are vital and thriving. From immunity boosters to detox formulas, we’re here to provide you with the solutions you need to do just that.

Try VENJENZ'S line of Non-GMO, Naturally occurring, synthetic-free, and cruelty-free micronized health products today!

Using our industry-changing, micronized and more potent formulas. All you need to do is shake-it, drop-it, or spray-it and let it go to work in seconds!